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[Feature] Jordan Beckham: Never Ending Evolution


In Pittsburgh you can’t think of a more called on photographer/videographer than this guy. “Get Beckhamized” has turned from fun marketing tool to widely respected co-sign. We catch up with Jordan Beckham for a quick Q&A and let him also display some of his new works of art.

Greatest business lesson learned from photography?

Do you what you love and not what you have no interest in.

Hardest lesson learned while being a professional photographer?

When someone questions your work, don’t work with them. That’s my best advice.

What is your favorite piece of work and when was it shot?

I’d say at the moment, the Wiz Khalifa Waken Baken Tour shot because that thing was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Posters, shirts, bill boards etc.

The first photographer that comes to mind other than yourself?

Terry Richardson.

First thought going any photo shoot or video shoot?

How are we going to make this fun and

Most challenging aspect of doing video after shooting photography for so long?

Nothing. I was meant to do both. I grew up filming skateboarding before photographing anything. Then when I shot some hip hop artists it was natural to do both.

For or against full Photoshop work on photos? Why?

I’m more for the natural look. I shoot everything really close to how it comes out of the camera. If you’re doing too much photo shop you should just be painting instead of photographing.

What are you saving up for now?

LV Loafers hahaha.

What will you more than likely buy instead?

A Supreme cap.

Best product you spent your money on?

My camera or should I say cameras.

What product have you bought that is collecting the most dust?

My Polaroid’s but I have a project in mind with MJ Whalen for those.

If you could trade places with a photographer for a week who would it be?

Probably Terry Richardson cause he shoots a lot of Supreme stuff and you should know by now that I’m obsessed with Supreme shit.

“Get Beckhamized” tag line worked because…?

It’s a fun way to market my photography.